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Steering wheel shaking

I have 200 Nissan quest. for last few days i have noticed that at low speed ( 0 - 50 mph) steering wheel shakes. If i leave the steering wheel car drives straight.

I don’t fee this shaking on freeway. I also noticed that it doesn’t shake when car is climbing up.

my mechanic says its Strut problem, not sure if he is right.

when was last time you had your tires balanced?

If your mechanic isn’t a specialist in front end work then I would find a shop that does specialize in front ends. Did s/he say what about the struts was causing this?

I also wonder about tire balance, btw.

tires were balanced about 6 months back and tires are in good condition.

no. his reasoning was the struts are old and as per guidelines they need replacement.

You may or may not want to replace your struts - they do tend to deteriorate slowly over time and you don’t always notice. But for a mechanic to just assume that a steering wheel shake is because of old struts is not a great sign. You could very well have them changed (for a lot of $$) and still find the problem there. I would find a local, independent shop that specializes in front ends and alignments.

Balancing the tires would not be a bad idea. But the tires should also be inspected for any signs of strange wear or defects that could be related.