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Steering wheel jerks to right

My girlfriends 2011 Ford edge SE has started to have this consistent slight jerk to the right in a consistent pattern. Almost like a clock hand ticking every few seconds. This happens at low speeds and seems to speed up when moving faster.

Before this started happening it was low on power steering fluid and making a whining noise when you would turn the wheel. That went away once I added fluids but this seemed to have started right after.

I am in a tough spot financially right now and can not afford to do much so I really appreciate any help in solving this.

I have some experience working on older trucks but not a lot with newer vehicles. Things I have checked:

-Jacked up both sides and shook tires to check for play in the hub assembly.
-checked for play in tierods
-inspected calipers to see if they were seized

Sounds like a failing seal inside the steering rack. Based on the jerk and this:

It may be leaking INto the rack boots you you might not have noticed it. You can try a stop-leak product specifically for steering systems but plan on replacing the rack with a re-built rack in the near future in any event.

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@Mustangman is giving the correct direction, but you also need to check your ball joints and control arm bushings.

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