Steering Problem in Wet Weather

It was a rainy night, I made a sharp turn into a parking lot and the steering wheel locked. My mechanic recreated the problem by pouring water on my steering belt. They adjusted it and it was ok. A while after that, I was making a turn and the steering seemed to catch for a second, but then was fine (not sure if it was raining)and it has been fine since then. I have a 2001 Camry and the article about the Prius steering problem in a recent column, made me think about the problem I had, and I’m wondering if I need to look into this further. I know it’s not the same kind of steering system, but what do you think? Thanks!

Recently there was a steering lock-up problem on full size Ford products (the one they use as police cars Crown Vic) Problem was in the pump Ford would not pick up the tab on cars that the problem could not be duplicated. Our local Ford dealer (Jim Click Ford) paid for the repairs that ford would not. Theres a patriotic act from the dealer. They sure are taking alot of heat today.

The problem with the Fords was that water would splash up onto the belt, and cause it to come off the power steering pump pulley. For fixed it by putting a splash guard under the engine compartment, as well as putting a large metal tab in front of the effected pulley.

I suspect the problem you’re having is a combination of water on the belt, and a very worn belt. I bet it’s the original on your car. It would be worthwhile to check it, and if necessary, replace it.

My info is from our local media this was a big story here in Tucson. The police tested the cars on a dry track at a vehicle pursuit training track no water involved. The stort said pumps were replaced this was in2005-2006. Whats your source? possible link I dont doubt you but curious. they were able to duplicate the concern some of the time. Problem came when high-speed U-turns were made and the wheel effort would increase to lock status. this is AZ not much rain but some. I think Ford would like to sat water on the belt gets them out cheap. I will do some checking.

I googled this question it said I have got you a good answer “How bad do you want to know”? $9.00 $15.00 or $30.00 and we do this all for the (fill in your own reason) Site was called Just Answer info would be from a Ford ASE Tech

I think we’re talking about two different problems. The belt coming off in rain effected CV’s built between (I think) 1998 and 2003, when Ford fixed the problem. Sounds like similar symptoms, but different disease. I hadn’t heard about this more recent problem. Oh well. Leave it to Ford to screw something else up on the police cars… it’s not like they’re used for life and death situations all the time…