Steering Loss

I drive a 1995 BMW 325. Yesterday I had a set of tires (that used to be on the back of my car and were approx 1 year old) put onto the front of the car and purchased some new studded snow tires and had them put onto the back. I drove through town (approx 5 miles), an uneventful excursion. Then got onto the freeway and within a few minutes as I picked up speed to approx 65 mph, it felt like I was “driving on air.” I noticed that I had slightly swayed into the lane next to mine. I continued to drive, pulling back into my lane. (but it still felt like I didn’t have total control of the steering). Within a few miles, I lost control of the steering. My car swayed into both lanes, back and forth until I could slow the car down and then was able to steer it to the emergency lane. The road was dry, no hydroplaning. The steering has been tight, as per usual with no gradual loosening of the steering. There was no noise prior to this happening.

First, check the air pressure in all of your tires. You may have picked up something, or one of the new tires may have been misfilled, or developed a bead leak.

That said, studded snow tires have their place, but it’s not on your BMW on dry pavement. The studs actually keep some of the rubber from making contact with the road. If you want to run studs, I’d suggest getting another set of wheels to mount your studs to. Then, when snow or ice is predicted for the next morning, you can mount the studded tires, taking them off as soon as the snow melts off. If snow is a permanent winter fixture in your area, you’ll just have to slow down, way down, until spring. I still have my mounted studded snow tires that I installed on my first BMW (a 1970 2002) over 30 years ago. They are illegal where I live now, but if it’s icey, I’ll still put them on one of my current 325is.

Two priests die at the same time. They meet Peter at the Golden gates. He checks the computer. He tells them that there is no room for them for one week. He then tells them that, since they were such good priests, they can go back to earth as anything they want for that week.

One priest asks, “will what we choose be held against us?”

St. Peter says, “No, it won’t.”

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MG has the right answer. I just wonder how long he has been waiting for the right message for his stud story. :slight_smile:

Years Joe, years.