Steering knuckle removal

When I was in a parts store complaining about having to use a “pickle fork” to get the steering linkage apart a fellow shopper told me a tip that I found elegant. He told me that all I had to do was tap the knuckle and it would come apart. It may take many many taps but the fact that this is a tapered press fit allows for even the most minuscule movement caused by the tapping of the knuckle to eventually separate the parts with no damage to boots or threads.

I surprised to hear that during a call to this week’s show the guys didn’t mention this technique to the caller. Perhaps because brute force or impatience indicated the gross approach.

You’re definition of elegant is quite a bit different than mine. In fact, “tapping” many, many times with a hammer is exactly the opposite of elegance. Smacks of knuckle dragging IMO.

The “correct” read-neck method involves TWO hammers and good timing. A pickle fork is the next step up on the evolutionary chain. Pry open that wallet and get a two jawed separator for about $15 and eliminate the risk of damage altogether.