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Steamboat Springs is Air Conditioned

This is in regard to the woman who shuts off her air conditioning when climbing the hills of CO. The air above 8000’ is air conditioned. Only the compressor uses HP. You can leave the fan on high and turn off the air conditioning. Be sure the vent to recirculate inside air is off. This will bring in the wonderful outside air without opening the windows. The small electricity used by the fan will use negligible HP. Once you stop climbing, you can turn on the AC and close the vent to recirculate the cool, stale air. (I’m only 155#, so my cooling requirements may be different from yours.)

I have always marveled at how cool the air is in CO above 8000 feet. Now I know why–it’s air conditioned. I would love to see the compressor that cools all that air. It must take a lot of power to run that compressor. I think that the condenser must be here in Indiana–that would explain the 90+ degree weather we have had this summer.

It’s not Colorado, it’s the altitude. If you fly an open cockpit airplane up to 10,000 ft above sea level or higher over Texas in the middle of August, you are going to wish you had dressed a little warmer.