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Steam in FRONT of the hood when AC is on

Tonight after i arrived at my destination, i turned on my AC and directed it to the windshield. Seconds later i realised there was steam coming off from in front of the hood. After coming back home i checked and there was no steam whatsoever UNTIL AC was on. A small amount of steam comes off when i turn it on. I checked under the hood and confirmed steam is not from the engine. It was a rainy day and i thought it could be the radiator but why would it only be seen when AC is on? Tia (The engine wasn’t overheating)

Could be condensation,not steam.Check evaporator coil for debris that could clog it,making the a/c work harder.

When the AC is turned on, the condenser in front of the radiator gets very hot.

If any water comes in contact with the condenser while the AC is on, it can turn the water to vapor, or steam.


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