Steam cleaning a greasy engine

I have never heard of a steam cleaning car wash but in your column in the newspaper someone asked the question about cleaning a greasy engine and you suggested steam cleaning the engine. I live in Columbus Ohio and I have never heard of or can find a steam cleaning car wash. There is steam cleaning of interior,but not car washes. How do you find a steam cleaning car wash?

I also live in Columbus and while I have not looked for a long time I would think that some auto detailer will steam clean the engine.

Having said it I am not sure it is a good idea on a modern car. You could do some damage to some of the electronic parts.

What Joseph said is true in that you have to be really careful if/when using a pressure steam cleaner on today’s engines.

Detailers use different types of degreasers before washing the engine off.

Why not stop by a detailing shop and talk it out with someone?

Cleaning an engine is tricky. For sure, don’t do this yourself. Take the car to a “detailer” and they should know how to protect the vital components and clean the engine without harming it in the process.

Thanks to all who responded. The car I am referring to is a 1969 Corvette engine so it is not a modern car but the engine needs a good cleaning and I am not sure what is the best option.

I clean my engine once a year. I do it myself…it’ NOT difficult to do. Follow directions on engine cleaner and you’re fine.

Steam cleaning is to agressive,chemicals and hot moderate pressure water combined with some common sense will get you bright and shinny.

Is the engine in or out of the 'vette?

You can simply cover the dist.cap, coil and air filter/intake with a tied off plastic bag and work away. Use compressed air with a trigger nozzle to blow off the water.

Naturally, there is more to cover up if the engine is out.

With this car it’s FAR less risky to clean the engine then todays modern cars with all the electronics under the hood. All you have to be worried about is the distributor cap.