Starts but won’t rev

I have a 2012 GMC Acadia that was left behind on our property so I don’t know much about it other than it starts but won’t rev up properly. Any suggestions?

There may be a problem with the accelerator pedal position sensor.


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Please explain a little more. In some vehicles, the engine won’t rev above 2500 or 3000 in Park or Neutral.


3.6 motor. Maybe it is near end of life due to many issues like timing chains or such. Maybe it can’t rev because it is unable too? It could be worth $5k and previous owner left it behind? Ya right.

Is the CEL lit? If so, have you read the codes? What are they?

I was able to speak with the old owner. They were using it regularly and didn’t have any issues before it stopped running. They moved and couldn’t afford to take it with them since they would t be able to drive it

The issue is, that it’s not revving enough to drive.

… according to them.
Unfortunately, a lot of people who sell their old vehicles claim that the vehicle was perfect, even when it wasn’t.

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Are they going to sign it over to you ? What if you do drive it on the street what about insurance ? I would not do anything until ownership is clear.

Yep, bad gas.

We didn’t buy it. They intended to come get it but with COVID and everything they couldn’t afford it. My parents know them quite well. I guess when sitting at and idle it revs up and down and then stalls and not enough power to drive. Thinking timing chain?

We didn’t buy it and my parents know them.

When sitting at an idle it revs up and down and then stalls and not enough power to drive. Thinking timing chain?

No need to reply to each post and duplicate your posts. Your posts are seen by everyone on this Forum.

Read that taking the battery out and back in would reset it but it didn’t help it and it was left disconnected for a couple days.

So, whose is it? Are you going to keep it?
Transfer ownership? If you can fix it?
Buy it? Free?

I suspect that the people who left this thing knew it had problems no matter what they say . I also think they have canceled the insurance on it so Mr./Miss./Mrs. Bowman take care of that before putting this on the public streets .


Yes, they knew it had problems which is why they didn’t take it. Of course we wouldn’t drive on public roads without an official BOS and insurance.

If it has been sitting for a while, the following things come to mind:

  1. Bad gas
  2. Critters chewing though some wires
  3. Critters nesting in the air cleaner box or exhaust

But it appears there were problems before it sat. As @jtsanders asked, is the Check Engine light on?


Admittedly I don’t know all the details here…but regardless of the family relationship, it sounds to me like this vehicle has more or less been abandoned by the current owner.

Personally, I wouldn’t put any more effort into trying to get it to run or move under its own power. I’d have it towed and let the owner deal with it. It’s not your vehicle, so it’s not your problem.