Starting problems


I have a 1999 Mazda 626 with a 157k miles. The problem I’m having is after driving for a while and stopping my car it doesn’t restart either dies out really quickly or won’t catch. I had it towed home twice each time after it sits overnight it restarts with no problem, but does the same thing after driving for a while. Any help will be appreciated.

Is the Check Engine Light lit up?

Yes I have a small vacuum leak

This could be many things. Could be electrical or Vacume related. Both get worse with HEAT. Do this… Test the spark when engine is COLD…see what it looks like… Then do the same test when HOT… Does the spark diminish or change color to Orange? If it changes you found the problem. If NOT…then you may have a fueling issue caused by a failed intake gasket…but wait this is fuel injected…SCRATCH what I said about the intake gasket… Sorry…doubtful its vacume related. Hmm Im thinking while I write this lol…

Im putting my money on an ignition component being affected by heat. Unless your check engine light is telling you otherwise.