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Starting but frozen

Is it possible for a car to start but the gear shift to be frozen?

Can you explain better what you mean by “frozen”? Is this an automatic or a manual transmission?

Do your brake lights work when you step on the pedal?

Yes…on an automatic or a manual transmission be we need a better explanation.

When it’s very cold the car may start but it is impossible to shift the transmission into gear. I’ve had that happen several times.

The transmission is not frozen, just the gearshift is too stiff to be able to move it. Let the engine warm up for a few minutes and you will be able to shift it into gear.

It is an automatic. My daughters car(1999 Malibu). Freezing here. It started just fine. The gear shift would not move out of park. Not sure on the brake lights as I was not home, but I’m going to check it all out when I get off. This is the first winter we have had it. I was just thinking that it being overly cold was a reason, rather than another bigger problem.

@Jenetix My car was a Pontiac Lemans with the 305 V8 and 3 speed automatic. I had to park outside overnight and could not use a block heater (car on street). It was 30 below, and although the car started, it needed 5 minutes or so to warm up the transmission and clear the windows.