Starter will not engage when below 60 fahrenheit

I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima. The starter will not engage (no noise at all) when the outside temperature is below 60 degrees. All of the electrical is functional, but when I turn on the starter, there is no click sound or any indication that the starter attempted to engage. The car is a manual transmission, so I push start the car, and there is no squeal when the car starts so the starter gear was not touching the flywheel.

Above 60 degrees, everything works normally.

I have replaced the starter motor and solenoid, replaced the battery, but the problem persists.

What about the clutch interlock switch? If the switch is faulty or misadjusted it might be causing your problem.

Yes, I had thought about that as well, but have made sure that it is working properly.

Ignition switch?

Interesting thought. Isn’t the switch okay though if all the dash indicator lights light up and the radio cuts off when the ignition switch is fully turned? Can I check this by measuring the voltage at the starter when the switch is turned?
Is there any other electronic component in the starter circuitry besides the starter motor, solenoid, ignition switch, and clutch interlock?

Take a quick look at the start circuit wiring diagram. If it shows a relay in the circuit i’d replace it.

When I had the same problem on my 87 Ranger a quick check of the relay showed it was shot. 12 bucks for a new relay & problem solved.

The starter relay-if you have one- connects voltage to the starter solenoid.