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Starter noise - How long will the starter last?

The starter on my wife’s 2002 Subaru Forester (74,000 miles is getting noisy. Apparently, the starter gear is failing to disengage cleanly when the engine starts. We really don’t want to spend the $250 for a replacement starter right now. Is there any way to forecast how long the current noisy starter will last before it fails to start the engine? We live in northern Indiana and have cold winters. It’s September 15 today and warm for now.

It’s Not The Starter’s Demise That Should Concern You. You Are Possibly (Probably) Damaging The Ring Gear Teeth, A Much More Expensive Proposition. Save Lots Of Money While You Procrastinate !


If you were to get the 50/50 warranty on that starter, it could mean fifty seconds or fifty feet, whichever comes first. It usually lasts longer than that but you just never know.

Every every time you start the car you are 1 start away from a repair that could cost 3-4 times that much!

I could make a prediction of how long it will last, if you insist. Only a fool would believe me.

Take care of it tomorrow. Save yourself the upcoming towing cost and possible costly replacement of the ring gear.

You should replace the starter before winter. It’s not going to get better when the cold weather comes. The $250 replacement now is almost certainly going to be the $250 tow in December.