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Starter grinding noise caused by oil filter?

My 2015 Honda Fit is making a grinding noise when starting (push-button start). This is the same sound a car makes when you turn the ignition key once the engine is already running. The car does start every time, but the noise has become more and more frequent. Because the car is still covered under the original warranty I took it to the dealer for repair. The dealer told me that the noise is not the starter, that they traced it to an acuator and believe the noise is coming from the “after market” oil filter that was in the car. They replaced the filter, at no charge, but the car is still making the noise. I am curious if anyone has ever heard of an oil filter being the cause of such a thing? I don’t want to pay for this repair, but would like to know if the dealer is just making things up because they didn’t have the time or desire to fix the car. Worth driving another half-an-hour to the next nearest dealer? Appreciate any feedback!

Did you ask the dealer why the noise is still there ? Also what does your invoice actually say ? Where did this after market filter come from ?

Once again take it back to the dealer.

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the wrong oil filter causes the actuator to make a noise? the dealer is saying this is an oil flow issue caused by actuator? and a new honda filter does not fix the noise issue? so what did the dealer say is the next step?
you have honda filter. what does dealer say? did you ask them?
i would go to next dealer and say what is this noise? say nothing about oil filter or dealer 1

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The dealer had to rule out the filter as being the cause of the problem. Return with the vehicle and tell them the camshaft actuator is noisy with the Honda filter, if the car is under warranty they should be able to proceed with the repair.

Maybe @Nevada_545 is right, but I would tell the dealer that the oil filter was a nice try, but the problem is unchanged and it’s time to do something else. And make a point to note every conversation you have with the dealer, every date and time the problem happens, keep every receipt. And tell the service writer you are doing that.

Does it make the grinding noise only while the starter is engaged? Does the noise stop immediately after the engine starts? Does it continue to make the noise for a dew seconds after the engine starts and the starter motor is disengaged? Does it have an automatic transmission or CVT?