Stalling sunfire

My daughter drives a 1996 sunfire 2.2. car started stalling while driving about a year ago. No apparent pattern, would go weeks even months in between. Last summer it became more frequent and noticed it would only do it when engine was warm. After stalling it will restart after what seems to be a cooling down period. Now it does it at idle as well. (Replaced fuel pump and filter) would like a good guess before I start putting money into it. Please help

Proper diagnosis for a proper cure. Consult a pro.

The stalling might be caused from a defective crankshaft postion sensor being effected by heat.

If the computer loses the signal from the crank sensor the computer see’s no reason to operate the ignition and fuel systems so the engine shuts off.


Thanks. I’ve considered crankshaft sensor. Also considered biting the bullet and having it diagnosed. Also read ignition modules have been known to overheat in this model. Worried shop will have trouble diagnosing. Read a lot of blogs with similar issues, shops even dealerships have failed to diagnose. As much as it pains me I Think that’s what I’ll do. Will post out come

Is there a specific set of conditions that have to be present for it to stall? Does it stall while driving steadily or only on deceleration? Does it restart and then die when put into gear or does it no restart at all? Have you seen the check engine light come on before it stalls?