Stalling out when it gets warmed up

I have a 2002 s-10 with an adversion to heat. It has almost 158000 miles and runs great when the outside temp is below 60 deg. F. When it gets warmer The car will start to stall out. It stalls at idle during a red light, when I accelerate from a stop and the rpm exceeds 2000 or going down the highway doing 65mph. propblem is 3 mechanics have looked at it and no one can diagnose this. It happens in the afternoon I take it in. They look at it the next day after the truck engine fairy stopped by and they can find nothing wrong. I have looked into the cooling system the fuel system and the spark plugs on down. no help. Anyone every hear of this?

Has anyone tried to pull any computer error codes that might be there? Some places will read them for FREE. Try Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts.

“the engine fairy stopped by”??? Who’s workin’ on this?

Possible IAC (Idle Air Control) valve fault and/or dirty throttle body. Make sure the air filter is clean and the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor is working.

Fuel pump could be weak when hot. (Guessing some here)

Ensure there are no vacuum leaks. This may take a bit more than just looking and listening.

How did you “look” at those systems? Did you change the fuel filter? A dirty fuel filter could cause it to “run out of gas”.
This could be a weakness in the spark generating department. Sometimes, ignition coils, and ignition modules, have been found to short, or open, when they get hot. Also, the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor), or another sensor.
You could do the troubleshooting steps outlined in the repair manual. I know, one assumes all of those mechanics did; but,

Yes the 3 mechanics I have taken it to have all put the computer on it and they cannot get the problem to replicate. The computer does not see a problem and comes back with 0 codes. I will try taking it by a place and see if I generate a different result.