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Stalling Hyundai Accent

Here it is. I am new to this group and I am sure this question has been asked before, however I could not find it.
The Accent is a 2004 and it belonged to my parents. It is a 5 speed manual trans. and has about 100K. It runs fine except
when stopped and idling it stalls. It starts right up again, but stalls every time it idles.
My dad said it was something inexpensive to fix, however he could not remember what the part was.
Any ideas???

The part would probably be the idle air control valve. It delivers the air to engine when your foot is off the throttle. I would start with basic visual inspection. Carefully examine it’s plug and wiring for signs of problems. Remove it and look at how gunked up it is with carbon, including the port on the intake where it attaches. If it’s all really gunked up start by just cleaning it all up. It the wiring doesn’t seem to have a problem and it’s all reasonably clean then I’d probably toss a new one on, though you can check its power supply and all of that with a basic digital multimeter.

One way to increase your confidence that it is the IACV is to see if the car stays running if you leave your foot on the “gas” pedal (really and “air” pedal) a little bit. This is tricky with a manual - three pedals and only two feet. So if you try this, make sure to do it safely.

Idle air control valve would be my guess.

It does continue to run if the gas pedal is slightly pressed so I will check the ACV.
Thanks you two!