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Squeaky front wheel

We have a 2003, 4 x 4 RAM 3500 which had recently developed a squeak in the right front wheel whenever we negotiate a turn. We’re currently towing our 34’ 5th wheel for the next 3 months and have two mechanics say it’s probably a ball joint problem and will be very expensive to fix as they have to pull the axle. Naturally, we’re a little skepticle, but would appreciate any other opinons.

Get a couple more opinions.

Saying it’s ‘probably’ a ball joint problem (although quite possible) makes me leery.

These ‘squeaks’ can also come from cracked rims, loose hub caps (not likely in your case) or worn shocks or some other suspension component that may be dry or worn.

The problem is just noise from the ball joint not wear? (anything more that .0001 slop in a ball joint is to much)could this noise be eliminated by lubing (most likely no fitting) but could some lube be injected with a needle?

Any possibility the noise is in the front axle u-joint? has this area been inspected? is there a service interval for this part of the front axle?