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Sputtering Vehicle Sat Awhile

Just purchased RHD 2004 Jeep Wrangler, 48,000 miles. Ran fine, until I drove on my mail route. Half way through it started to sputter and die. I would restart, it would go awhile and die, or when I slowed down for an intersection. It sputtered and died on open road on the way back to the office. The Jeep did sit awhile, the seller stated. I just purchased the vehicle. In excellent shape. Changed the oil. Took it for a transmission check, and fluids changed. It was on 1/2 a tank. No system lights or red flag on gauges.

Extended sitting spells, even 6 months to a year, can cause the gasoline to go bad at a minimum, become contaminated with moisture, etc. and even cause the fuel pump to fail or become borderline.

I would pull the fuel filter off for a start and dump the contents into a jar for examination. Extended sitting can sometimes cause rust to form in the filter from minute traces of moisture that may be present.