Spiked lug nuts

I saw a pickup truck that had spiked lug nuts on its front wheels. (But not the rear, which was dual wheel.) They were 6 inches long. Why spikes instead of knives? What does he use for a lug wrench? They looked freshly-painted, blue.

there is a long special socket that goes over the spike and catches the end of the spike near the rim where it is like a regular lug nut or has groves that the socket will catch.

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here is one with the grooves.

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I learned something. I’ve seen them on semi’s. I always assumed they were just some sort of cover, not the actual nut.

I have ones like these on my truck. the previous owner put them on.


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What happens if you hit something with them, like one of those steel poles that protect utility equipment in parking lots?

If wheel theft was an issue I suppose they would help.

You seem to know all the answers you tell us.


Well I’ll start with hurt pride.

If they are plastic, they won’t harm the pole.

Ahhh…these are the ones I’ve seen. Fairly certain I remember a truck driver having a little issue scaling in, rubbing the guardrail with his front tire, and shedding a pile of those in the process.

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When we see these my wife and I always think of the movie Ben Hur.


Why I asked why not knives.

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And why stop there?

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Hmm, Ford cultivator?


Or :roll_eyes: tiller.