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Speedometer wire broken...maybe?

I have a 1997 Geo Tracker (which was not a listed model option - guess I have the only one left on the road). About 4 years ago I was driving and the car began to make a horrible, LOUD whirring vibrating noise and the speedometer needle pinned, and while driving around trying to find a mechanic (I was out of town) the needle finally popped off. The noise essentially stopped, and I drove back home to my mechanic.

He diagnosed a broken speedometer wire. Said it would be too expensive to fix. So, I didn’t. For the last four years, it has always made a slight squealing/whirring noise from the speedometer area. Not too loud. Able to ignore it. Until now…when for no apparent reason, it has begun making the horrible, LOUD, whirring/vibrating noise which is deafening, and is present all the time no matter the speed/weather, etc.

My questions; 1. Is it really a broken speedometer wire? Because if its broken, why is it making all this noise? 2. Is it really that expensive to fix. Is there a less expensive fix that I can do just to make the noise stop? 3. Am I hurting the car by driving it this way? It sounds like it’s going to explode.

Tracker Lover

I’d be sure it’s the cable rather than the gear in the speedo. Sounds more like the gear is broken and the cable keeps spinning it as it slowly deteriorates into a zillion pieces… like the stars in the sky. It’s working more like a “juicer” than a speedo right now.

It won’t explode. Nor will it hurt the car. It’ll keep making more and perhaps louder noises until it suddenly fails completely.

You might be able to get the noise to stop by asking your mechanic to disconnect the speedo cable at its source, usually the transmission.