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Speedometer repair

works once in while

Since you won’t tell us the year, make, model of the vehicle, the only thing I can suggest is only drive it once in a while.


I suggest driving it often to school and back to learn how to form complete thoughts and questions.

Year, make, and model of car please.

Is the odometer also intermittant?

If it is, and it’s late model, look to the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) on the tranny.
If it isn’t, suspect the instrument cluster.
If it’s and old car and the odometer is also intermittant, suspect a possible cable problem.

I was going to suggest the same thing. Perhaps you might want to share a little more info. Is it in a Model A ford? Or a new car, truck, motorcycle? Or a flying car? Or a Hot air balloon? Help us out here. It might just make a difference with the response you receive.

Hey Guys, V Norman States This Is A 1991 Eagle Premier. It’s Tough To Notice, But Look Up Top, Below The Yellow Question Field, Where It Says “TAGS:”.


That’s the first place I look when it’s not mentioned in the post. That field was empty earlier.


I looked there too. It was empty.