Speed to Gear Ratio

I recently learned how to drive an 18 wheeler especially a 10 speed transmission in big rigs. I was taught using the Speed To Gear Ratio. For Example to downshift, you needed to be below a certain speed. If you were in 10th gear and your speed was between 20 and 30 mph, then you would put the vehicle in 7th gear.

I’m getting this Toyota truck, I forget what some family member are trying to get for me, but its a stick shift and I never drove a stick shift in a car or for that matter a pick up truck.

What Do I do, and how do I find out?

I had a stick-shift Toyota truck. It only had 4 speeds, and was much easier to determine which gear to downshift to with so few speeds. Most come with a 5-speed, but the 5th gear is overdrive, and only used when cruising at 50 mph or higher. Basically, chose the gear that will keep the engine from lugging. If the engine lugs in the gear your in, but above idle speed, usually the next gear down will be appropriate. You’ll get the hang of it really quick. My truck didn’t have a tachometer, so, when I taught my wife how to drive it, I had to teach her to drive by ear. It wasn’t long, maybe a week or so, before she had the hang of it.

I’m quite impressed that you learned how to drive a manual for the first time in a semi. Driving a car with a manual transmission is pretty much the same, except simpler and much more forgiving. You will have no problems at all.

I am wondering if the 10 speed being learned on is an automatic. Could explain a lot.