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Special waranty question

Yesterday, had routine oil change done on my 2003 Subaru Forester. Mechanic informed me that there is a crack in the head gasket and a coolant leak exists. He further said that this was a problem with some subarus ant that it is possibly covered by a subaru waranty. Has anyone had this problem?


Subaru has been doing “good will” coverage of approximately half of the cost of head gasket replacement on vehicles, with certain limitations.

If I recall correctly, the odometer mileage has to be 100k or less.
You have to be able to substantiate that all of the required maintenance has been done, within the mileage and elapsed time limits specified in the maintenance schedule.

From what I recall, it has been far easier to get this “good will” coverage if the vehicle has been serviced by the dealership, but even if it has not been serviced there, you can probably prevail as long as the maintenance is at least as good as what is required.

Thanks very much, my car has 68,000 miles. I’ll get together all of my maintenance receipts; all that were covered while the car was under regular waranty were done at subaru dealer.
thanks again!

Many people have had that problem. Three times a week we see it here.