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Spark Plugs

I Own a 2008 Civic. How often do I need to change my spark plugs ?? Some magazines like Popular Mechanics, state that you should change your spark plugs every 50,000 miles. My car now has 50,000 miles on it.

Instead of reading magazines, maybe you should try your owners manual…Some cars need plugs every 30,000, some can go 100,000 or more. Hopefully, the information you need is in your glove-box…

Look in your glove box. You will find the owner’s manual for the car and, either inside it or with it, the maintenance schedule. This will tell you when you need to do routine maintenance such as spark plug changes, oil changes, transmission flushes, timing belt replacement, and the like. Many Japanese and Korean small cars require spark plug replacement at 30,000 miles, so you may be overdue.

Cars differ so follow the recommendations in the car’s owner’s manual.

Note: If it suggest something like 100,000 miles, make sure you use one of the specific plugs recommended and don’t try to cheap out with the cheaper plugs.

My '03 Civic has 100K plugs as per the owner’s manual. Likely same for your Civic.

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Thanks for the info everybody !!

The problem with leaving spark plugs in for 100,000 miles is that they can become forever plugs. Carbon can form at the very end of the threads of the spark plugs exposed to the combustion process. This carbon buildup can then make it very difficult or impossible to remove the plugs.

Removing the spark plugs every 50,000 miles for inspection and reinstalling them will prevent this from happening.


Sorry tester, I gotta disagree with you on this one. The early 100,000 mile plugs had issues, the technology was new then. The plugs threads do not extend into the combustion chamber and coatings on the threads keep them from seizing like they used to. When I changed a set in my daughters Toyota with 112k on them, they came out like they were put in yesterday.

I waited till 90k, though 100k on mine per manual, and no problem. With the coil over plugs the less messing with them the better. IMHO

Sorry Keith, but you make that statement as if it’s true on every engine. It’s not.