Spark Plug Wires...A Question of Resistance

Recently I changed the spark plug wires on my '99 Jeep Cherokee. After changing the wires I noticed that my temp. gauge has been a little on the high side. Not a huge deal but this vehicle has an extra electric fan that kicks on at a certain temp. It seems that the fan is running a lot more than usual. I replaced the factory wires with Premium Bosch wires. Is it possible that the “premium” wires provide too much spark which is causing the engine to run hotter than normal? Thoughts?

A hotter spark by itself should have no effect on engine temperature.

You might check if you inadverently changed the ignition timing or accidently disconnected a vacuum line somewhere.

This is nothing but a coincidence. Have the cooling system checked out.

I also don’t believe they are related.

I will make one suggestion. You don’t need fancy plug wires, unless you have modifications to your car. Frankly use OEM plug wires and plugs generally will give better results than the expensive ones with fancy colors and wire sizes.

Note, if you have modified your car’s ignition etc. then those fancy wires might be an advantage or might not.

For the most part, OEM is the best for 90% of the drivers.

These so-called premium wires generally have upgraded insulation but there is no reason to believe your spark is any different than before. Even if it were, there would be no effect on engine temperature.

So far your Jeep is running fine. Check coolant level, but if everything continues to operate within range there does not seem any need for further concern.

It’s a coincidence, unless you accidentally damaged something while you were doing the job. Get the cooling system checked out.