Spark plug in expedition

Crossed threaded spark plug in 2001 expedition how can i fix it?

Here’s how to fix stripped/blown out threads on the Triton engine:

I am assuming that this is either a 2 valve 5.4L V8 or a 4.6L V8.

I have never had this issue myself, but it isn’t new. These engines have aluminum heads and only 3 or 4 threads holding the spark plug in. It is a faulty design IMO.

There are kits all over the internet to fix the blown out spark plugs that happen fairly regularly with this engine. They have a large range in complexity & price. Some look like a nightmare, and some look like a walk in the park. Common sense would tell me that since these kits can fix threads that have been sometimes completely blown out, it should work on yours.

Make sure you torque all the plugs down to the proper spec on there, and do it while the heads are at room temp. I’ve known 2 guys personally who paid no attention to that, and blew out plugs. I believe the torque spec is 13 or 14 lbs, but try to verify that.

OP said the threads were cross threaded

He did not say they were stripped

Any decent auto parts stores has chasers to clean up the threads

Yes, OP did say threads were only cross-threaded, not stripped, but since this engine is notorious for blowing out spark plugs, even minor thread damage could lead down that path…

I’m aware of the notoriety of this engine for blowing out plugs . . .

However, I’d try to clean up those threads, before drilling them out and installing a timesert

I don’t know about you other guys, but I can’t work at lightning speed, but I can chase the existing threads a lot faster than installing a timesert

Now, if OP crossthreaded the threads so badly, that there is now nothing left to work with, that is a different matter

jesmed1: A great great vid. Thanks!

Such a jerkoff design!

The later modular engines (99-up) with the P.I. heads have more threads, and the problem was diminished significantly. Of course once they remedied that, Ford saw fit to introduce the 3 vavle heads with the 2 piece spark plug…