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Spark plug blew out, check engine flashing


spark plug blew out while driving fast, recovered most pieces, the check engine started flashing so i disconnected the cable that controls fuel flow to that cyl and drove a few miles on 3 cyl. got new plug/wire installed the check engine sign went away and 99 w/ 170k camry was super smooth but yesterday the check engine sign came back on but not flashing and got a P0440. I havnt touched the gas cap in a week so not sure if i need to be worried about it or just drive with that on like i did with my 85 pontiac 6000 for 3 yrs. what happens if the catalytic converter goes bad?


if the catalytic converter goes bad?

Then you need a new catalytic converter!!! From doing a google search it says a p0440 error indicates that a part of the EVAP control system is no longer fuctioning correctly. This could be a number of things.

What cable did you disconnect to stop the fuel flow to that cylinder???

You can get that fixed. As long as you want to drive with one plug out, I don’t know why you would be worried about a check engine light. Your first step would be to get the plug hole fixed. Then you can wonder about the check engine light.

Come on now, please pay attention! The OP said the spark plug was already replaced and the engine is running fine now.

Mike: I would imagine it was the fuel injector that was disconnected.

First, punctuation and grammar are your friends. Actually, judging by the quality of your post, I’d say you only have a passing acquaintance with them.

Anyway, as for the P0440: I believe it’s a general evaporative emissions system malfunction, not a catalytic converter problem. So, that means the computer is detecting a problem in the system that controls and prevents fuel vapour evaporating into the atmosphere, not engine emissions. That said, sometimes these problems disappear on their own - it could be a kinked vent tube, a problem with the charcoal canister, a gas cap problem, or a number of other things that really have no bearing on the vehicle’s driveability. I’ve gotten the same code on my 01 Impala, but I just erase it, and the problem hasn’t recurred yet. It may be just a temporary glitch somewhere that may never be found, and might never occur again. Of course, if the light comes back on shortly after you erase the codes, then there’s likely a more permanent problem.

I think what farisohan is asking is, “can he ignore the P0440 like he’s ignored the other things”. OK. Ignore it! Who is going to force him to fix it?

So if the spark plug blew out then what happened to the threads in the cylinder head?

it was the fuel injector cable on the back of the engine block just before the fire wall, what does the catalytic converter do?

they are still there and holding on to the plug as of last time i drove it, the plug itself was missing the platinum tip and a was burnt, the boot had a few chunks missing.

Re the P0440. Do you “top off” when you get gas? This is a no-no and can cause the error code.

The pressure transducer and a system cycle solenoid/vacuum valve for the evaporative system testing is on the firewall close to where you would have been removing the #3 injector plug. Take a close look, you might have knocked a hose off, disconnected a wire, or something similar. Right off the top of my head I cannot remember where the purge hose connects to the intake manifold. Use the hose diagram on the hood to help you inspect all of the pumbing for the emissions system.

You may need to take it to a mechanic to have the evaporative cycle scanned. There is a procedure that the dealer has to analyze the evaporative system to look for leaks, failed parts, and system integrity. It takes the evaporative system through the whole cycle and can tell what the PCM doesn’t like.

Hope that helps