Sonw tires 2 or 4

I just got a 2010 Kia Forte SX. I must say the car is nice! But the tires are not good in the snow. It is FWD. What is the problem with getting 2 Snows for the front assuming they are the same size as the rear tires?

You should get 4. If you just put 2 on front, the rear will slide when you turn or brake, leading to a skid or spin. If you put them on the back, you won’t get any traction to go or turn. So 4 are needed.

Next stupid question. Can I forgo TPMS for 3 months out of the year? I’ve never had it before and I’m used to checking my pressure frequently. I would get the car inspected with the stock wheels and tires and TMPS working.

You can, but the warning light will be on all the time.

Sounds like a reasonable way to go, just check the tires.

Snow  tyres on just the front would make for unsafe handling.  If you had to have only two snow tyres, they belong on the back.  

The front tyres get you moving, all four tyres help you stop, but it is the back tyres  that provide the most directional stability in an emergency stop situation.  Your choice with just two snow tyres is to be able to stop safer or less likely to bet started.  Remember the wrong choice could cost you your life. 

 BTW, your really want WINTER tyres not snow tyres.  Snow tyres are old design and tend to work OK on snow and poor on ice, Winter tyres work much better on both.