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Sonata intermittently dies and acts like it is not getting gas

I have an 04 Hyundai Sonata that sometimes acts like it is not receiving gas. It has only died twice, in the last 4 months or so but it is displaying similar symptoms more frequently now. The two times it has died, it happened in the first 5 miles of a drive. The car sputtered and would not accelerate when I pressed the accelerator and quickly died. The car would not immediately start when it died, but if I let it sit for about 5 minutes it would start up and act ?normal?. Now it will sputter occasionally while I am going down the road, but it dies not die, and if I try to quickly accelerate it will not accelerate, but I can slowly accelerate. The only maintenance I have done on it in the 4 years I have had It are tires, breaks, and oil changes.

Depending on your mileage, you may be overdue for normal maintenance (plugs, air and gas filter). I would get the maintenance up to date first, and then see if the symptoms remain. Check your owner’s manual for more details on the services you may have missed in the past four years.

Perhaps it’s time to replace the fuel filter.