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Something new to keep drivers distracted

This could have the potential of being more dangerous then texting

Or, if programmed properly, they could be a huge safety improvement - I could see the things interacting with sensors to warn you of things like:

  • vehicles in blind spots
  • additional warning of slowing traffic ahead
  • safe following distances

Possibly…but I suspect that MOST people won’t be using it for that. I’ll bet MOST will be reading text messages or their EMail.

Agree 100%… just pointing out that it could theoretically be used as an improvement. :slight_smile:

Maybe it can sense that you’re driving…and display a message like.

"Hey Idiot…you’re driving…shutting down now.

Considering that it should be able to easily tell that there’s a steering wheel within view and that you’re behind it (it appears approximately round, not oval as it would if you were in the passenger seat), I see no reason why it couldn’t automatically shut off if you were driving.

However, who knows - this is Google… the company that is now making us do their work in improving google maps for them… :

What if Google doesn’t program the glasses to interact with messaging or internet services? The glasses look like they would be difficult to program. The casual user wouldn’t be able to produce the firmware and (re)program chips to allow the forbidden messages. Someone could make a lot of money doing it for others, but I wonder how long selling illegal Google Glasses would last. Illegal? It’s illegal to text and even use a cell phone in many states. In MD using a cell phone is a secondary offense, but a police officer can almost always find something else to pull you over for. Speeding comes to mind.