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Something is wrong with my ignition! 1996 Ford Ranger

Hey guys,

I’ve got a problem with my ignition in my Ford Ranger. The engine keeps running when switched to the ‘off’ position. I have to clutch out to kill it. The switch is very loose. There is a lot of play while the key is in. The engine will start okay but I can’t shut it off. All of the electronics stay on as if that switch is in the ‘on’ position. At the moment I have it in the garage with the battery unplugged to it doesn’t drain. This happened suddenly. It was working fine, I drove a few miles to a store and when I got there I realized the ignition felt different (loose) and I couldn’t shut off the engine.

Is there anything I can do?

You need to have a good mechanic check this out. Since the airbag system is involved this is not a DIY job.

The column needs to come apart to check linkage.

The place where you put the key is not the switch, it’s just a lock cylinder.
The ignition switch is further down the column worked when you turn the key by a series of levers/linkage ( more than one to allow a tilt column to work there ).
One of those is broken ( ‘happened suddenly’ ). They can bump each other downward allowing you to start the truck but with one broken the other cannot pull it back up to ‘off’ ( giving it that loose feeling ).

As stated, if the truck has an airbag, proper procedure must be followed to disassemble.