Someone put a cigarette butt in my car!



This is a weird car question, I know but I need help! For a week, my car has been smelling like an ashtray! It’s awefull, even for a former smoker and I also have a 16-month old with me. It can’t be that good for her. I looked around everywhere in the cabin and I cannot find anything so I am thinking that someone through one in, maybe in the vent/AC system. It is possible since I am not so good at locking my car all the time! It is a Ford Focus if that makes a difference. Does anyone have suggestions on where I should look for it? THANKS!


You’re wasting your time looking for a phantom cigarette. A single extinguished butt does not continue to smell strongly for an hour, let alone a week.

The smell is coming from elsewhere, possibly from underhood. My guess would be a small oil leak dripping onto the hot exhaust. It’s also possible you picked up some debris on the muffler. The next time the car is on the lift, ask the mechanic to check for these possibilities.


Thanks for your response. Would this make it smell that strong inside the car? Like cigarette smell???


probably not cigarette – - I’m guessing you have weeds stuck in your exhaust pipe somewhere. Been driving in grass fields lately?


And by IN I don’t mean inside it, I mean trapped somewhere on the outside of it.


The reason I made those suggestions is that you need a continuous source of odor to have it remain strong over time. An oil leak, only a few drops per trip, would do it. This is a rather common problem.


I looked at and around the exhaust and I didn’t see anything there. I haven’t been driving in the grass either. I guess I’m gonna have to take it to a garage and see about the oil leak possibility. Thanks for your inputs!