[SOLVED] Can you "Transfer" Registration in California?

I purchased a used car (2009 Ford Crown Victoria) from an individual. However the individual has a “dealer’s license” and included the appropriate paperwork during the sale. It was a pretty informal and friendly transaction. The car was registered to the dealership prior to my purchase. Is it possible for me to simply “transfer” the registration into my name, assuming the same renewal date, without paying the stupid expensive registration fees? Smog was also completed.

I can’t imagine how. They want their money, why would there be a way to cheat the system?

(sigh) I was afraid that may be the case. The car’s already registered with the DMV, sheesh! Just need to put “my name” on the registration instead of “john doe”.

Be realistic, isn’t this a question you know the CA DMV already has the answer to. Contact them.

Pvt is right. You’re asking the wrong people. You should be asking the CA DMV.

… omg, I totally looked past the obvious.
Sorry guys, I don’t have my phone with me often so I totally by passed that avenue. Thanks for the reminder.

No apologies necessary. We all overlook the obvious at times. It’s a human trait.
Happy motoring.

But the answer is yes, you can transfer the registration. The vehicle is registered until the date on the plates, and there are fees to transfer it to you, but they are reasonable and you can do it at AAA if you are a member. If not, make an appointment at DMV through the website and save a lot of waiting time.