Soft brakes goes close to floor

So i push own on brakes and it goes down but not all the way before braking it seems very soft though but seems to work properly. There are no leaks the brake fluid lvl has not dropped how do i make the brake more firm should i bleed the whole thing

You don’t give the year, but if you have rear drum brakes, the rear brakes may need adjusting. If either chamber of your master cylinder is empty, you need to refill and bleed brakes. If the fluid is low in the m/c your pads or shoes may be worn out.


I agree that on most cars including my Corolla,the drum brakes need to be adjusted if I notice that the brake pedal has a longer travel than usual. That might be the case with his Spectra.

Agree with the others. Check the fluid levels. If low, not empty, check for wear. If empty, you have a leak, fix that first. Lastly, adjust the rear brakes manually because;

Self-adjusting brakes generally don’t! Or don’t very well!

Have the brakes checked by a reputable independently owned and operated shop.
Don’t tell him what work to do, simply describe your symptoms to him and let him do the diagnosis.

Post back with the results.

I ad changed pads and rotors recently and only bled front brakes i had the issue before pads though… Going to bleed back brakes then and see what i get… As far as i can tell no leaks. I also hear a compression sound on passenger side front wheel when i was bleeding brake but i couldnt find source it seemed to be behind tire well

No disagreement, the drum brakes definitely don’t self adjust very well on my Ford truck; but they work flawlessly on my Corolla, I’ve never had to manually adjust the rear drums on my Corolla in 25 years. The Corolla has only rarely been driven in road salt areas though.

The brake piping system is composed of both metal and flexible rubber hoses. The rubber in the flexible hoses over time can break down and flex too much, yielding a soft pedal. Inspect all the rubber brake hoses for signs of deterioration. Inspect them one by one while someone is pushing on and off the brake pedal.

Thanks oldtimer mustangman and george san jose you guys are always quick to help out with suggestions. When i changed my pads and rotors i had a problem and it ended up being not scrubbing rust proofing off rotors good enough and my girlfriend not holding brake on 3rd pump when i was bleeding them lol

My gf at the time finally refused to help bleed the brakes on my VW Rabbit b/c of my complaining she wasn’t pushing the pedal in the right sequence … lol

And they say we dont listen😂

I use a one man bleeder kit, I could not believe how easy it was.

Ive seen the fenix injector on scotty kilmer but have neve found one in orielys or autozone

Where do you get yours at