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Soap in Windshield Washer Reservoir

I inadvertently filled my windshield washer reservoir with ZEP powerwasher soap. Both plastic containers were filler with a blue liquid and were next to each other on the shelf.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

Mr. Dumass

Use a turkey baster to remove the solution or remove the reservoir from it’s mounting and dump it out. Or stick a hose in it and flush it out…

Soap will end up clogging the nozzles unless it is removed.

Just keep pressing the windshield washer nob until it’s no more soap in the windshield washer reservoir. Now refill the windshield washer reservoir back up–this time with windshield washer fluid.

You think this kind of exagerated use is good for the motor? and what about soap in the washer lines and nozzels.

These resivors are not hard to remove and empty,remove the motor and most of the fluid will leak out.

Some Are Very Difficult To Remove, Burried Deep In Components, Trust Me.

Like Caddyman says. Stick a hose in and flush it out. Run the washers. Suck the water out (or you could remove the reservoir if it’s easy). Fill it with juice. Run the washers. I don’t think a couple of squirts with the motor to flush the tubes out afterwards will hurt anything more than that concentrate has/will.

I would remove the reservoir and dump the solution out, or siphon it out if the reservoir is too hard to get at, but I would not use the washer pump to empty the reservoir.

After you’ve removed as much of the ZEP as possible, flush the reservoir with lots of water, and pump the water through the washers until everything is clear. Then fill the reservoir with the windshield washer fluid.

I read the post as if a sugestion was being made to empty the resivor by extended use of the washer motor,not just a few squirts.

Some people may feel removal of the washer bottle “difficult”.Others find posting the type of car they are working on difficult.

Oldschool, Very True About The Car Information. It Leaves One To Guessing.

I concur…remove it. They are usually very easy to remove.

if u have the possibility the garden hose idea to flush it out, is best. lots and lots of water. then the hoses that run to the washers are very small, and dont contain much, volume so they wont take much flushing to rid the rest of the soap out. but dont get confused about using the washer pump to flush out the tank. too much use will burn out the pump.