SNOW tires

We have a 2009 Nissan Murano with Toro Proex 235-55 R 20 30.18 o.d tires. Living in MN we like to have snow tires in the winter. We can?t find any.

Our trusted tire dealer suggests some options:

Buying 18th wheels and putting on 18? Blizzak. With new senors about $1700.

Buying 245 50 r 20 29.64 o.d. Blizzak tires (about $1,000)

Both prices include trade in from or 2007 18? Blizzak from our Hyundai Santa Fe.

They note this may affect the speedometer and mileage (we will have them on November through March-about 1100 miles a month on a leased car). 39 month lease beginning last June.

Nissan and the tire dealer don?t think this will affect performance, handling, etc.

One other option might be to try these tires through the winter and hope by next winter there might be tires.

Try looking for [b]winter[/b] tires at

If you search by model, you will find winter tires for your vehicle at reasonable prices.

Why would you buy new wheels and TPMS sensors? has 3 options for winter tires in 235/65/18, which is recommended for your vehicle, all for less than $170 per wheel. Don’t waste your money on new wheels and look elsewhere if your local tire store can’t provide tires…

At I found 4 Michelin Lattitude X-Ice on 17" alloys, with TPMS and shipping for about $1300 to your door.

thanks to thequick replies. Sorry for not being clear. The tire dealer is suggesting two options (one the slightly smaller tire (22")with no new wheels or sensors-this would impact the speedometer and mileage) The other on new wheels with 18" wheels that would require sensors but would not affect speedometer or mileage. T

He’s got 20" wheels, I think.

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the original tires that are on the car are 235 55 r20 30.18 o.d.

I had a typ0 in one line sorry sf

I’ve lived in MN my entire life (moslty in rural areas) and never had the need for snow tires. As long as your regular tires have good tread left, which they clearly do on a '09 vehicle, you should be good to go. For the time being save yourself the $1000 bucks and try part of the Winter without them. Bet you won’t miss 'em. (by the way, I communte 75 miles a day on rural roads and have always drive FWD vehicles, never had a 4WD)

No problem, the Tirerack site listed both 17" and 18" options for winter tires for the Murano, I priced out the 17". And while folks can get around without winter tires, your 20" tire are probably very poorly suited to winter driving. Me? I’d get a separate set of tires on wheels, swap them out at home when needed.

I’ve lived in MN my entire life (moslty in rural areas) and never
had the need for snow tires.

I don’t doubt that. However, buying snow tires is like buying insurance. People buy insurance and different amounts of it for many different reasons and situations.

I am now a strong believer in 4 good winter tires. There were many things over the years that convinced me of that. One big catalyst was when my wife got stuck in a snow storm coming home from work. Now any money spent for snow tires on the cars she and I drive is money well spent.

After doing lots of driving with and without 4 good snows, I’m convinced they are worth it.

If you know better(owned 6 sets of winter tires) I have 2-3 days/winter where I would

  1. rather not be driving in poor conditions but no choice in situation
  2. Know that winter tires would make driving “hell” a pleasure or non-event.

However majority of winter for most I concur you won’t miss them. I own mediocre in the snow performance all-seasons now since wife has some “light” winter tires.