Snow tires or not

Hey guys, in the summer I’m gonna move from Colorado Springs to LA. Last fall I’ve gotten new snow tires, which I won’t need in California. I was wondering if I could just drive and wear them out in the hot weather or I should change to different kind of tires for safety. Thanks everyone for your help!

I’d get the right tires and sell those.


You can just use the snows and wear them out. They will be great in the rain. They will wear quicker in the heat of LA.

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I would switch to summer tires if you want a quiet ride.

Put ad on CL, see if anyone wants to swap wheels in colo.
Type of vehicle?

Unless they are studded tires, just run them and wear them out, you might get a year or two out of them.

Another vote to just leave them on the car till they wear out.

If you have another set of tires for the summer just put them on and sell the snow tires. Colorado seems like a perfect place to sell them. Less stuff to move that way .


Dooh! I forgot I had a set of summer tires.

You might find the snow tires useful if you like skiing. Bear Mountain is a 2 hour drive from LAX, only an hour from East LA metro. Several others are less than an hour from Ontario. If you want more than that, you can drive about 6 hours to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Lots of skiing there. Mammoth Mountain is about 5.5 hours from LAX. Use the snow tires only when you drive into snow country.