Snow Chains vs. Snow Cables

I drive a 2007 Chevy Silverado with 2WD, so my tires have plenty of space for chains. I have seen more and more snow cables in the market. Which is better? Also, which pattern would you use? Thanks!

Cables are easier to install and remove, but reinforced link chains give better traction. Not a straightforward answer as it depends on where you will be driving. Are you going up and down logging trails or around town? Deep un-plowed snow or a light dusting? Cable chains are usually recommended for passenger cars and links for trucks and SUVs. Ask your dealer’s service department what they recommend.

I would recommend chains for a truck with clearance. There are some out there that are as easy to install as cables. If you will be traveling on in town roads at higher speeds, cables. If it’s an emergency issue, you want what’s best in an emergency; chains with ice bars. Cables are cheap enough to get both…On a two wheel drive truck, it will give you some emergency options.

So you’re saying that the cables are mostly used for light duty or partially snow covered roads? My thoughts are that if you need to use chains, then use chains that will obviously get more bite. I was basically asking to see if cables were a revolutionary idea that just got very little attention. I’m not bothered by a dusting of snow on the road. I’m talking about using it very sudden slushy/wet snow, packed snow roads, or icy conditions. And this is more for when I am out somewhere and need to get home in snowy conditions. For instance, I was out Christmas shopping when it started to snow really hard. I headed for home immediately because I knew it would get bad eventually but was caught in the traffic since everyone else had the same opinion. Well, four hours later and five inches deeper, I got home but almost got stuck on some small inclines do to the stop and go traffic. That would have been the perfect time for some chains.