Smoking in my hood

I’m having car issue with my Jeep Liberty. Started smoking so I added coolant to keep it from over heating but also realize there’s some oil splat on top of the engine and surrounding wires. I’ve checked the oil on dip stick and it s not low and looking great with that. I’ve checked my little device in the car and also giving me a P0157 - 02 sensor 2/2 circuit low issue found

Smoking from where, exhaust?

Check your fuses for the low voltage problem.

I suspect that the “smoke” was actually steam, as a result of overheating.

Another idea, the p0157 is b/c of an exhaust leak, and that’s also what’s causing the smoking. You’ll need an actual shop inspection to get to the bottom of this I expect. Meanwhile check the oil level and coolant level frequently. If the oil or coolant warning light comes on, pull over immediately and turn the engine off and have your car towed to the shop. Running the heater at max heat max fan speed will cool the engine a little, better than doing nothing if it overheats.