Smoking in a Lease Vehicle


Then there is the story of the guy visiting a modern psychiatrist and being offered a few joints. He refused because he did not want to use a mind expanding drug while his head was being shrunk!


LOL, I love it!
Honestly, if there weren’t so many problems with the laws I’d love to try marijuana in the hopes that it would relieve my pain and help me sleep better at night… and it might help my glaucoma too. I’d be thrilled if it allowed me to get off the opiates.

Odd, isn’t it? Opiates don’t create any fights with the law, but marijuana probably would. Seems to me like the laws a bit backwards.


I agree 100%!
In my opinion, the differences lie in the fact that the multinational pharmaceuticals currently make billions of $$ from the sale of opiates and opioids, but they can’t currently make any money from the sale of marijuana-related products.

However, if the slimy lobbyists for Big Pharma start paying their…financial support…to key members of Congress “correctly”, then those companies could begin manufacturing marijuana extracts and such.
They just have to start spending their bribe money a bit differently–IMHO–and you would then see a revision of the existing laws.


Oregon has had legal medical marijuana for years. It can be prescribed for just about anything and apparently the prescription cards don’t expire. Now we have legal recreational marijuana for anyone over 21. Of course it has to be sold by state licensed dealers and taxed to death. I have occasional back or joint pain. A couple ibuprofens work for me and are much less expensive. Last year I had a tooth pulled and was given 2 ibuprofens plus a prescription for oxycodone. I repeated the ibuprofen twice and never touched the oxycodone.