Smoking car

I have a 1998 Saturn SL2 twin cam 1.9 liter w/ 189,000 miles that was given to me for free. I would like to give it to my son to drive, except it smokes and burns oil. I had it looked at and was told it needed new rings. Question is how hard is it to rering an engine. I have seen kits for sell on ebay, and have done basic things to a vehicle before (oil change, brakes, altenator). Just wondering if it would be a hassle, otherwise I will just buy an engine from a junkyard and have them install it. Thanks

If you are really ambitious and have a good repair manual, you may be able to do it. However, replacing the rings will essentially involve tearing down the engine. Are you in a position to do that, both in terms of shop space and tools?
Truthfully, I suggest that you let a professional handle this job.

Replacing the rings is a HUGE job. This is way more than basic maintenance. If involves taking most of the engine apart, possible machine shop work, and on and on.

Junkyard engines have their own risks. What about a rebuilt engine?

“Question is how hard is it to rering an engine.”

If you have to ask a question like this the answer is ‘too hard for you’.

This is the kind of thing you need to watch someone who knows what they’re doing before you try it yourself.

I guess it depends on your available time, space and abilities. If you are up to it, working on it with your son, could end up being a great experience.  Then again if you run into problems or it gets beyond your abilities ("your" includes you and your son's abilities and together you both likely will find that the other one has more skills that they thought. 

I remember my son stripping a VW down and making it into a Baja Bug.  I never know so many girls were interested in cars.