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Smoke from passenger side


Hi there, my car is a 2014 bmw 535 or the 5 series of that year I think with an I maybe? Recently I’ve noticed when I idle my car sometimes there is white smoke coming from seemingly under the passenger door, accompanied by a burning rubber/oil smell? A lot of times burning smell happens after I turn off the engine, and I’ve tried tracing it down even smelling the exhaust but it’s NOT coming from the exhaust, nor is there an intense smell when I pop the hood… I’ve searched the internet but the usual culprit which is coolant leak doesn’t seem likely as this has been going on for a month now and my display doesn’t show anything being low except my windshield fluid. Im pretty sure it’s shown me coolant low at some point long ago so it has that feature. Also my engine temp has never risen above the halfway point which is normal. There’s been slight wheel shaking when idle, and the car does seem to make a weird deep rattling noise when it starts up but idk if ya related. I haven’t had oil changed for a while now but I always refill oil, and now the mechanic I usually go to is closed cause of the virus and I don’t want to risk driving an hour to the bmw dealer unless I have an idea what it is.thanks for reading anything helps

Check your oil level with the dipstick under the hood. The level should be between “full” and “add”. You may have a small oil leak dripping on something hot.

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You may have picked up some “melt-able” trash under the car. A plastic bag or packaging (or worse, road-kill!) that stuck to or near the exhaust and it is burning/melting away. That could give you smoke and a horrible smell.

But be sure to check your oil level as @old_mopar_guy suggests. Even small leaks can end up in the wrong spot.

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