Smog & Register

I purchased a 78 VW bug from a dealer in NC. I can’t get the smog or registration in CA without major engine work at big $. Now I need to sell at a loss but not sure how to sell if I have not done the smog or registration in my name? Any words of wisdom please?

Assuming you only paid a nominal amount for the '78, you could always junk it and write it off as the cost of an education.

Same advice applies if you paid TOO much for the VW.

I thought they exempted cars of a certain age

The simple solution is to sell it in Nevada.

The more complex thing MIGHT be to try and call it a collector motor vehicle (Section 259)

get collector car insurance, then invoke the rule in Cal Vehicle Code section 4000.1

I’ve done similar things for old scooters to avoid back fees for unpaid registration, but it takes filling out a statement of facts form at DMV, and then it can take months for them to figure out what it is you want.

bscar2 1973 and older cars are exempt in Ca. They had virtually no smog equipment on them. I was hoping that the year would move up but I didn’t understand the reasoning back then.