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Smog from engine after radiator changed

Hi, I got 98 honda civic ex coupe with 180k miles on it.

Here is the story.

I had bubbling coolant so I took it to the mechanic yesterday… He inspected that headgasket is fine and nothing wrong with engine or termastat. As you guys mentioned on my previous question, radiator cap wasn’t holding the pressure. He said I needed to replace radiator. So I did by myself today. I replaced two big hoses and radiator. I filled with coolant. HOwever, if I turn on the engine for about 5 minutes, I see a smoke coming out of my engine. Smoke is coming out from the front of the engine. Did I do something wrong? It did not do before.

Temp gage was not even half way up.

When I came back to my home from the shop, mechanic filled radiator with coolant, and I drove my car about 4 miles. I saw lots of overflowing of coolant, but temp gage was normal.

Please, help. I’m scared to drive my car to work tomorrow…

Thanks in advanve

You mentioned the new radiator, but did you replace the thermostat and cap? Where is the coolant running out from, the reservoir? Did you re-install the reservoir line?

I replaced cap, but not the termostat. Yesterday, mechanic said termostat opened up correctly. After this, I don’t see any coolant coming out to reservior at all.

what is the smoke coming from the front of the engine?

Yesterday, mechanic had pressure check on my engine and he said about 5% loss in the pressure, just because engine is too old. Is it natural to see the small amount of smoke coming from engine?