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Smells like glue gun?

I have a 2008 Hyundai Sonata. Today I noticed that when I got out of the car after driving a few miles it smelled like a glue gun. Later when I drove again the same thing happened. It only smells for a brief period of time after it has been running. Any ideas?

How long have you had this vehicle, and where is the smell coming from?

I have had the car since August of 2007, when it was brand new. I think the smell is coming from underneath in the front half of the car.

I suggest, next time you drive the vehicle, as soon as you shut off the engine, open the hood and see if you can locate the source of the smell.

I believe this vehicle is still under warranty, so if there’s something amiss you could visit the Hyundai dealer.

Also look under the car at the exhaust system. You are looking for something plastic, like a trash bag, stuck to the header pipe, catalytic converter, its shield, exhaust pipe, or muffler. If you find something, allow the exhaust system to cool to stone cold and scrape it off.

Hope that helps.

I would guess, nope I wouldn’t. Maybe the dealer can put it on a lift and check it out top to bottom. They might be familiar with the condition.