Smell from exhaust after catalytic converter replacement

About a month ago I had the catalytic converter replaced on my 2007 Honda Accord. Within a week I smelled an odor that smelled like a burning fluid. I did research online regarding the smell and apparently their is an adjustment period where the catalytic converter gets settled in, so I thought it wasn’t a big deal. Well, I was driving on the interstate and I suddenly had a wrench icon lit up on my dashboard, 15% oil life. But the thing is I just got my oil change just prior to having my catalytic converter replaced. I was supposed to have my next oil change at 277,000 but here I am having my oil change at roughly 275,500. The employee performing the oil change dipped his finger into my muffler and his fingers were covered in a dark substance.

If anyone can provide me with a reason as to why this is happening to my car, that’d be a big help.

Not connected AT all with the cat change. It doesn’t use anything in the cat controls to determine oil change interval. It may have been re-set when the cat was replaced if the battery was disconnected.

Since the check engine light did not come on, you are good. My exhaust tips ALWAYS have a “dark substance” on them. It is carbon from the combustion process. Change your oil, reset your service light and check your oil level every time you fill-up with gas. With 275K on the clock, the engine should be using a bit more oil than when new. Drive on.

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Appreciate you Taking the time.


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RE: Oil Life—Sometimes whom ever did the oil change may not reset the OLM. You can verify this yourself. Two things to do after an oil change. 1) check the level on the dipstick. 2) verify OLM has been reset.

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Usually resetting OLM is a simple process in the owners manual , I just do it myself when I get the car back to just make sure it is reset .