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Slow to Accelerate Going into Right Turn

I have a 2002 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport with ~140,000 miles on it. Recently, it’s started having a problem, where when I make a right hand turn, it fails to accelerate until the wheel is straight…as if it’s revving but not catching/accelerating until I’ve straightened the wheel and am headed straight onto whatever road i’ve just turned onto…does that make sense? It tends to happen more at 1st start up in the morning…and then, once its warmed up it’s not as bad, but still present. Left hand turns I don’t notice it…maybe because they aren’t as sharp?

Also, fyi, the check engine light has been on for a while, but I know this is due to the catalytic converter…and am saving up to get that replaced.

Yea you know it is on due to a converter problem, but how do you know there is not another problem that may will cost you the price of a new engine? It is never a good idea to ignore the engine light.

Good Luck

That catalytic converter problem didn’t go away, but there could now be a cascading series of problems that have cropped up in the months (?) or years (?) since the Check Engine Light first started glowing.

Get the car checked by a competent mechanic a.s.a.p. (that means NOT going to Pep Boys, Sears, AAMCO, Midas, Meineke, Monro, or other chains) if you want to limit the repair costs. Repairs that are deferred are never cheaper and are frequently much more expensive.

I’ve had the computer codes read as recently as August of 2010, and at that time, the only one present was the Cat Converter being less than efficient or some such. I do have a good garage that I take her to, a Mom and Pop place. I was just wondering if anyone’s heard of such behavior before…it prolly just needs a tune up, spark plugs and such.

Are the tires matched and always replaced in sets of 4? Or have you replaced a pair or single tire?

It sure sounds like your AWD is binding up.

I’ve only replaced my tires in pairs. It’s an automatic.

If your car has an automatic transmission there is a connection between the steering and the AWD system. You could be having a problem with the transfer clutch. You’ll need a Subaru specialist to properly diagnose this.

What’s the answer to andrew j’s question about the tires?

Yep, that would totally explain it.

Awe man…does that mean I’ve gotta take her to the dealership? my answer is below to the tire question, i replace in pairs, and she is an automatic.

Andrew might just be on to something here.
If it turns out to be the correct diagnosis, I hope that the OP realizes that this is just one more example of why you should have read your Owner’s Manual.

AWD vehicles are very sensitive to differences in tire circumference, and replacing less than all 4 tires is a very good way to do damage to the AWD system. That is why the manual cautions you against replacing less than all 4 tires.

Additionally, the manual tells you about the importance of rotating the tires every 5k or 7.5k miles in order to even-out the wear from one tire to another. When someone replaces just two tires, that is almost always an indication that the tires were not rotated as they should have been.

Fallona, I think that you really may have shot yourself in the foot, so to speak.

I’m thinking that low transmission fluid is a possibility.

Thank you everyone for responding! Though the news isn’t good, at least I have learned a lot!