Slow leak


Had a slow leak in one tire. Went very low twice and then it cured itself.

I think the problem was some human letting air out of my tire.

Second comment: Now replacing, but I have had National brand.

Have been driven 42,000 miles OK. Am getting a new set as I am not out to set a record, but I think they would go another 5,000 miles in a pinch. Seem as good as Goodrich, Good year, etc. By the way, I did rotate !!!


This is like the “Where’s Waldo?” of questions…


I had a slow leak in my tire once too. I took it to sears 3 different times. Told my cousin about my problem and he called his mechanic. We go to this 2 stall garage and this guy finds, in 5 minutes, what sears couldn’t find in 3 different attempts. and he thought he seen a void in one of the welds in my steel rim. This was right after I had ordered my new rims/tires.