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Slow crank no start. Occasional start

92 Jetta gli. Good battery. Slow to crank. Won’t start. Will start occasionally. While driving the other day it seemed like it wanted to shut off at a stop. I then started driving and when I got to third gear it would rev like about 3000 rpm and then flat line, similar to a stall or running out of gas. But neither was happening. Any ideas?

Yup, why don’t you tell us more about the car - what engine, trans, miles. Is the check engine light on? For how long? How do you know the battery is good? What voltage does it show, engine off? What voltage engine on? Has it ever had the fuel pump replaced? Fuel filter? Does it still have the factory catalytic convertor?

And explain this a bit better… Do you mean the car lost power at 3000 rpm? In 3rd gear? And wouldn’t rev any higher?

It sounds like you have more than one problem there. If the cause is a single problem, probably with the electrical system. You could do the basic diy’er test, measure the battery voltage before the first start of the day. Should be about 12.6 volts. Immediately after starting the engine, 13.5 to 15.5 volts.